My name is Jesus Parra and I run Gray Corner. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production from the University of Colorado at Denver and I’ve worked as a sound engineer mixing and editing audio for TV shows in Latin America, mixing live acts, and recording studio sessions.

When the pandemic shut down the country in early 2020, I found myself with a blank career canvas in front of me. I decided there was no better time to finally take the step to grow professionally in the video game industry. Since then, my goal has been to help startup indie game studios develop and create amazing games using original audio assets and soundscapes to tell stories and enhance user experiences.

My vision is to create a one-stop-audio-shop for game developers. One place where you can define the character of your audio experience: from music, to dialogue, to sound effects.

So let’s imagine unknown worlds, beings, and universes, and let’s bring them to life together!