“The Gift – Beta” is a powerful VR experience based on the world renowned Dynamic Spin ReleaseTM coaching process developed by two of the world’s leading coaching experts: Tim & Kris Hallbom.

For this VR game we carefully developed an audio experience that helps users settle into a relaxing environment where they can feel safe and can concentrate on their thoughts and emotions. All sounds assets, including music, were designed to play harmoniously against each other, and to give the player a sense of interaction without distracting from the in-game guidance. Sounds were implemented in Unity’s audio engine following Oculus technical guidelines.

Release Date: September 27th, 2021

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Developer: HorizonMind

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Epic Mega Jam 2021 entry. A first-person action game with parkour elements where instead of guns you use transmutation telekinesis to turn walls into projectiles to fight funky aliens.

For this project we created the music and sound effects, all implemented with UE4’s audio engine.

Itch.io Page

An elderly woman has been reported missing from a village located in a forest outside the city. Your mission, as a police officer, is to find this woman and bring her back to her family. But soon you realize the forest has eyes and ears.

Duende is a short game with FPS mechanics initially developed for a game jam, but ultimately released independently as a free-to-play. The game’s audio consists of original assets created by Gray Corner. We implemented the game in Unity using Wwise, which allowed us to create an immersive forest ambiance, seamlessly switch between indoor and outdoor environments, and trigger eerie sounds to evoke fear as the player explores the map.

Release date: December 10th, 2020

Developer: Versefera Studios

Gamejolt Page

Itch.io Page

Chronostation is an RTS Sci-Fi Tower Defense game for PC. Play as a commander of a space station that got stuck in a time anomaly, and needs to mine resources from nearby asteroids while fending off enemy attacks.

For this game we created sounds for gunfire, lasers, explosions, impacts, and UI navigation, using a combination of field recordings and synthesizers. Audio was implemented using Unity’s audio engine.

Release date: March 2, 2020

Developer: Manfromstars


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Sanctuary: Enter Magnos is an innovative meta-fictional 2D RPG with an engaging Sci-Fantasy story set in the bizarre and diverse dimension of Magnos, the direct center of the multiverse. The game features beautiful and unique pixel art style, MMO-style combat mechanics, and time and weather systems.

For this project we are developing a sound palette that complements the game’s art style and fantastical feel. The goal is to create “satisfying” sounds that give the player gameplay feedback yet do not interfere with the music and distract from the objectives.

Release Date: TBA

Developer: 3 Stories Entertainment

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