World Design

You’ve spent countless hours designing and creating a unique world, and your game’s audio must follow that vision. From UI sounds, to environments, to your characters’ movements – everything must feel like it belongs in your game, so we focus on how our work complements yours.

Programming and Implementation

Your programmers are busy building game mechanics, interfaces, features… audio shouldn’t be another main task on their list. Our scripting knowledge allows us to communicate effectively with your programmers, implement audio in the most popular game engines, and help the team create immersive and dynamic experiences.


An organized team with clearly defined outcomes is destined for success. We love working with teams that have a vision, timeline, objectives, and of course, passion. We’ll adapt to your preferred project management platform and communication method: Trello, Discord, Basecamp, ClickUp, Zoom, or a good “old fashioned” phone call to make sure you know where we stand and what we are working on.